Product Description

Single-edged Ultimate Cutting Nipper for Plastic Models

Made in Taiwan Professional Gundam Plastic Models Tools Single Edged Blade Flush Cutter MP 30H

With high frequency quenching treatment,MP-30H  has excellent cutting experience.Slightly less resistance when cutting due to thinner blade than MP-168PBW Cutting Nipper.

    • Length:5IN
    • Max Opening Capacity:7MM
    • Type:Single Blade Sprue Cutter
Quantity(Pieces) 400 >400
Est. Time(days) 45 To be negotiated

⚠Corresponding material: Only plastics (PS resin, PP resin, ABS resin, PE resin) can be cut.

Cutting Capability: Only compatible materials with a diameter of 3mm or less can be cut.

However, due to the rigidity of transparent/translucent PS resin, its diameter is limited to 2 mm or less.

Sharp edge of Nipper

The edge of nipper is in a lower position than blunt side to prevent staggered cuts so nipper can beoperated in a regular way.It cuts the thing off vertically.

Blunt edge of Nipper

The blunt edge of nipper is in a higher position than left side so the edge can cut straightly without exerting a force. It plays a role to set a thing horizontally.

It cuts cleanly as if cutting with a knife and a chopping board.


Control pin:

It can prevent the spring from coming off due to the blade opening too widely. (Cannot be removed)

Blade stopper:

To prevent the blade from breaking due to excessive force. (Cannot be removed)

Do not cut plastic board.

Use the middle of the blade for cutting.

Do not cut with the tip of the bladebecause it is fragile.

Cut vertically and do not twist during cut.

Suitable for plastics only, these nippers can be used on PS, PP, ABS and PE resins to 3mm.

Transparent/translucent PS resin is harder so that being limited a maximum of 1mm.

How to use & TIP

Use the nippers to cut plastic sprues and take parts off from plastic kit.
It's not suitable to cut hard plastic runners (ex: transparent/translucent PS.)

Stick blunt side on sprues.
Make sharp side parallel to plastic parts.

Cut the sprues vertically.
The cleanest possible parts removal.

Sprues in the middle

Because of height difference between the blades, it’s necessary to trim the sprues using a model-making scalpel.


  • keep the nippers away from moist environment and maintain that regularly to avoid rust.
  • One of the most effective rust inhibitors is a thin layer of non-oxidizing oil like mineral oil. Someone also use motor oil and WD-40 to achieve the same result after using the nippers.

Tips & Safety

  • For safety, always wear protective glasses, gloves and other protective gear.
  • Cuttings may become projectiles. Use away from fragile objects & other people.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Apply oil to the metal shaft & cutting edge to prevent rust.
  • Do not twist nipper while cutting, this may break the blades.
  • Do not cut plastic longer than the nipper blades, this may break them.
  • Do not use cutting tool to pry other objects.
  • Do not touch the cutting edge directly with your fingers, use a brush.
  • Do not use on plastic over cutting capacity.
  • Do not cut metal, including wire.

Please note that this is a specialist tool that emphasises sharpness. If misused, the blade may be damaged or personal injury could occur.

Model Number MP-30H
Material Special Steel (41xx steel; CrMo Steel)
Measurement System Imperial(Inch)
Handle Material Soft Grip Plastic
Jaw Surface Without Bevel
Place of Origin Taiwan
Brand Name Good Tools
Application Cutting PP,PS,ABS,PE below Ø3.0 mm;
Plastic Models ;Gundam ; D.I.Y.
Thickness 6.0mm
Spring Action Yes
Surface Treatment Polish
Technics Forging
Sample Accept
Certification PAT.
OEM Accept
Supply Ability Customized
Handle Color Customized