About us about us Since 1982, Good Tools has been committed to Taiwan manufacturing. Good Tools is a family owned and operated company that has been designing, developing and manufacturing high-quality, professional-grade hand tools. We understand professional hand tools-pliers-we understand how professionals use their pliers.

Focusing on manufacturing, production, research and development, pliers of various materials and applications in various environments and places, it is an indispensable hand tool for clamping and cutting workpieces in assembly, repair and installation in the industry. We are A professional manufacturer of pliers, welcome to contact us!


We provide high-quality integrated services to meet your needs for customization and mass production at one time. Solutions tailored to your needs include: a comprehensive understanding of your needs, research and development according to your needs, from product development, quality assurance , Inspection, quantitative production, to product packaging, all go through high-standard and strict quality control.

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products that meet market needs and changes in trends. For different market needs, we also provide high-quality market strategy analysis and solution consulting services, so that you can smoothly deploy your target market and grasp operational advantages.


Good Tools cooperates with global brands, traders and major customers to ensure that end users have the tools needed to solve practical problems.
It is the mission of Good Tools to determine your needs and which new pliers tools will help professionals complete their work better, faster and easier.

Why the Good Tools pliers manufacturer is different?

With more than 38 years of research and development to provide stable quality services, focusing on the application and development of various pliers, in various industries including industry, machinery, construction, vehicle maintenance, aerospace, military and DIY, etc. Overall, we The hand tool-pliers represents quality, innovation and value.